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Illustrator/Indie game developer Nonohara’s long-awaited first book. While focusing on the fantasy world that everyone dreams of at least once, the “realistic fantasy landscapes” drawn with meticulous settings and a warm touch that became a topic on social media through the “#Moe Architecture” series have been published as a book!

In addition to more than 200 new cuts that delve into the settings of 22 works featured in the doujinshi versions “Okashi na Architecture” and “Okashi na Architecture 2,” four completely new works have been added. Furthermore, by connecting these works with stories and maps, it has been expanded into a “definitive edition” as one worldview.

While it is fantasy, the numerous works that produce a sense of life through the density of detailed settings are also recommended as reference books that provide inspiration for world setting and creation!

[Table of Contents]
Exploration of Strange Buildings Continental MAP
Travel Tools

Chapter.1 Plains Area
Cluttered Mixed-Use Properties
A Certain Mansion’s Library Wing
Vacant Lot’s Secret Base
Lively Market
Frontier Blacksmith
Hillside Rest Area
Small Dock on a Floating Island
Travel Records

Chapter.2 Coastal & Islands Area
Oriental Food District
Chaotic Apartment Complex
Overgrown Plant Shop
Town Full of Slopes
Leisurely Japanese-style Cafe
Fisherman’s House Built on the Sea
Travel Records

Chapter.3 Mountain & Forest Area
Wolf’s Bread Wagon
Small Valley Pizzeria
Sea of Clouds Foghorn Hut
Forest Capital’s Herbalist
Cliffside Inn
Sharp Peak Mountain Cabin
Village on the Edge of the Forest
Travel Records

Chapter.4 Canyon Country
Rock House
Behind-the-Waterfall Residence
Windmill Hut
Lower City
House on the Water
Underground Waterway Dwelling
Travel Records

Travel Souvenirs

Release Date:
April, 2024

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Concept artist / Illustrator. He specializes in areas such as concept art, background paintings, and setting drawings.

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