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This book will be released on October 18th, 2021. If you order at the same time as other books, all books will be shipped after October 18th.

The latest work in the “Real clothes Illustration” series, where you can meet a variety of fashion illustration expressions! This book introduces the fashion illustration works of 40 young creators who have been active in recent years.

The newly drawn cover illustration is by the up-and-coming popular illustrator tamimoon.

BALCOLONY. Is in charge of book design.
The creator’s world view is condensed on the paper.

Coordination, poses, silhouettes, balances, color schemes, accessory / item combinations, clothing wrinkles, fabrics and textures. From classic fashion styles to free dressing that is not bound by the times and common sense, link coordination with partners and multiple people, similar look, etc., this is a book where you can discover new possibilities for fashion illustration expression.

Includes a QR code on Twitter and Instagram that allows you to immediately follow the SNS account of the creator you are interested in.

Please enjoy it as an all-color new fashion catalog.

◇ Published authors (in alphabetical order, titles omitted) ◇

Kori Aoki / Asa / Az / asuka / Amao / Awai / Uhiji / uyumint / Urita / N1 / OKADA / Express No. 2 / QMENG / Kumazo / Crisalys / Komori / 510 / Sakusha 2 / SG / Sudo Sota / sekuda / DAI / Yuta Taneda / tamimoon / tinda / Q7 / DOMI / hanatsuki / hmng / hara / Hinano / Fumi Futamori / firebear / Hotake Fujimaru / Maxxie / Marina Manode / Yoshimi Miyoshi / UZNo / rina / watashinoonna

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October, 2021

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