New Edition Illustrated World Decoration Design Sample Book

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The collection contains more than 5,000 indoor decorative designs and dimensional materials from around the world, ranging from ancient Greece and China to modern and contemporary facilities.

This sample book covers numerous interior decorations such as columns, staircases, and interiors, as well as plantings, equipment, furniture dimensions, and examples of floor plans for homes and various facilities.

It can be used not only as a resource for interior design, but also as a reference for drawing interior backgrounds. This book also includes a large selection of ancient~modern Chinese decorative designs by designers and researchers active in China. It is a valuable resource for designing Chinese architecture, which is rapidly gaining popularity as a stage for creative works.
The book is a valuable source of information for those who want to draw more stylish furniture, or who don’t have time to draw in the backgrounds anyway! I don’t know the floor plans of restaurants and hotels,” etc. This is a book that solves the problems of all creators, including painters, modelers, and graphic artists.

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However, large-scale commercial use by a company, such as publication through a publishing company, is not permitted.
*Appendix data is in psd format.
*Resolution (horizontal 1000px, vertical 1500px, 150dpi)

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May, 2022

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