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Nine years of conception and production. 22 stories woven from 173 waka poems. Yuichi Yokoyama, a manga artist who expresses time, presents a new view of classical waka poetry!

The latest work by Yuichi Yokoyama, a manga artist who is attracting attention around the world, is called “neo-manga” due to its unique expression method of characters that transcends gender and nationality, with fast-moving lines and onomatopoeia. A new world based on 173 classic Japanese poems such as “Manyoshu” and “Kokin Wakashu”!

Collected works Hagi / Tagonoura / Tobusa / Hougyoku / Bedroom / Fukuro / GATE / Mato / Okina / Okiro / Nomori / Costume 1 / Costume 2 / Costume 3 / Yasoshima / Under the Moon / Kaji / Waterfall / Royal Family / Lake Katsumata / Mt. Hakoya / Flowers and Birds

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March, 2023

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Yuichi Yokoyama

Graduated from Musashino Art University oil painting department. Since 2000, when manga that can “draw time” is expanded into the field of activity, the style characterized by lines with a sense of speed, onomatopoeia, the flow of time drawn without interruption, and unique characters is also called “neo manga”. garnered attention both at home and abroad.

Main manga works include “New Civil Engineering”, “Travel”, “NIWA”, “Baby Boom”, “World Map Room” (both East Press), “Outdoor” (Kodansha), “Room” (Harmonica Books), ” Plaza PLAZA” (888 Books), etc. Works include “Yuichi Yokoyama Color Art Book” (Bluemark), “Fashion and Secret Room” (888 Books), “ISI PRESS vol.3 Yuichi Yokoyama” (ISI PRESS), “BABY BOOM FINAL” (Akio Nagasawa Publishing). .

Many of his works have been published in France, the United States, Italy, Spain, etc., and have received high acclaim.

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Yuichi Yokoyama


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