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60 artists from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong will participate!  An illustrator’s collection of “memorable dishes”

A collection of works by 60 artists who responded to the question, “It doesn’t matter if it’s a dish from a shop or a meal at home. Please make an illustration of your favorite and memorable dish.”

Memories with someone through scent, taste, and food. A book that enjoys personal memories and the imagination of the writer, as well as food guides!

“Gyoza has arrived” (Skelakko/Japan), “Grilled rice balls of yakitori sparrow (Jan)” (Mameikeda/Japan), “Tom yum goong on the night train” (nakaban/Japan), “Everyone likes me? (SHIN MORAE/Korea), “Corn and ham dumplings (Danbin)” (Mister Goat/Taiwan), illustrations drawn by each artist with the theme of “food” as the entrance and episodes related to it are also posted.

Participating writer
[Japan] Mameikeda, HOHOEMI, Yuka Kurita, Kaori Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Skeraco, nakaban, Morrison, Shingo Minamida, Yuki Takahashi, Yukihiro Tada, Kotaro Kimura, Tanikomi, Masami Kuroki, Miyazaki, Peko Asano, Tatsunosuke Hanado, Yusuke Mashiba, BIOMAN, Konatsu Tani, Mana Yamamoto, Ikuyo Tsukiyama, Akira Obata, Moeno Otsu, HELLOYACHAN, AYUMI VAN’
[Taiwan] ikuiku, Inca Pan, Hsu Shih Hsien (Nic Hsu), Johnnp, Sangna Take, Mister Goat, Teng Yu, Miss Cyndi, Hsueh Hui Yin, Yihsin Wu, 3Cats Club, Hori b. Goode, Anchyng Cheng
[Korea] Shinmorae, YP, Ae Shoong, Soon Easy, Hizzeomi, An Yoojin, Suzy Yoo, Minjin Lee, Meg kim, IKOONG, Jinhee Lee, OMSCIC COMICS
[Hong Kong] Peony Yip, Alison Hui, Missquai, Lup, Jessie Wong, Dani Lam, Kinchoi Lam, Lik Mak, Octoberfourteenth
(In no particular order, titles omitted)

◎ A short story “”Food”” novel “Shrimp Kyuu” by super rookie TOKO is also posted.

Release Date:
August, 2021
Japanese & English & Chinese & Korean

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