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Illustrator Nagi’s first collection of works. Nagi, an illustrator who became popular through social media and is now active in various genres such as music videos, advertisements, and book covers.

This book includes a wide range of works from client work to pieces presented at solo exhibitions and new drawings!

Highlight 1
The opening pages feature a short story in the style of a commercial (contents are a secret)!

Highlight 2
Pay attention to the cute accessories like earrings, rings, and necklaces, as well as the simple fashion that is not too sweet!

Highlight 3
Eyelashes are meticulously detailed, from the quantity to the thickness. Lips, nails, and hair are also coordinated in total style!

Highlight 4
The messy moments after drinking too much, the flesh of a chubby belly, the profile of taking a break with a cigarette… the B-side of girls is also drawn without hiding!

Highlight 5
The keyword of this book is “cute.” But what is “cute” in the first place? This question is deeply and passionately discussed in a conversation with the admired author Kudo Rain!

“I hope that people who see this book will feel a little uplifted, want to dress up, or feel a bit more sparkly” (Nagi).

Release Date:
March, 2022

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Illustrator. Born in Akita Prefecture, graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration at Tohoku University. She worked as a company employee while creating illustrations and became an independent freelance illustrator in September 2020. She provides a wide range of illustrations for book covers, CD jackets, music video artwork, advertisements, and collaboration goods.

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