Monochrome Illustration Techniques by jaco (Super Drawable Series)

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This is an instructional book by jaco, a popular illustrator on pixiv and twitter, that introduces drawing techniques for black-and-white character illustrations.

The content is mainly digital, but can be applied to analog illustrations as well.
The book provides easy-to-understand explanations of techniques for illustrations using only black and white, such as how to express the texture of clothing and cloth, and how to draw with an awareness of light sources. In addition, there are many illustrations newly drawn for this book.

Illustration Collection
How to draw “lines” unique to black-and-white illustrations
How to create texture by drawing in
How to draw with consideration of the balance between black and white.
How to draw with an awareness of the light source and the amount of light
Illustrations using solid black surfaces
Illustrations with an ink painting taste
Add a single color as an accent.
Your own style, ideas, and drawing techniques
Cover illustration making

Release Date:
August, 2018

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An illustrator living in Tokyo.
She is active in social games and book illustrations.
She specializes in monochrome expressions, and mainly draws illustrations of characters with horns and furry ears. She especially likes to draw girls with horns (so-called horn girls), and even makes her own LINE stamps.
Recently, she has expanded her field of activities beyond illustration, such as mass production and general sales of the device “Rev-O-mate” that she designed herself.

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