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The first art book by Momoko, a popular illustrator with over 400,000 followers on Twitter.

Momoko has illustrated a number of novels, including “The Last Embryo” “Is It a Crime to Be Blackmailed by Your Student?” and “Bullet Girls Fantasia,” as well as “Kanpani☆Girls,” and has also worked on illustrations for novels and character designs for video games.

The book contains over 230 illustrations from her past works, original illustrations, and derivative works.
The cover is newly drawn and the making of the book is also included.

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May, 2020

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Illustrator. She works on many illustrations of beautiful girls who are delicate and glossy. Her main works include illustrations of the novel “Last Embrio” and “Is it a crime to be threatened by students?” And character design of the game “Bullet Girls Phantasia”.

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