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A pose collection by cosplayer Momo Momoto, who masters both male and female cosplay. The book thoroughly explains the differences between male and female poses!

– Practical! Character Performance Poses
Includes a wide range of practical poses

– Costume Poses
One-piece dresses, suits, training wear
Useful for reference when drawing clothing

– Eye Level, Bird’s Eye View, Low Angle Shots
Photos are taken from eight different directions at each of the three heights, carefully selecting angles that look great on screen.

Release Date:
November, 2023

Author profile

Momo Momoto

With her 84cm inseam and 8.5-head-tall, 2.5-dimensional body, she thrives as a model and actress, while her popularity as a cosplayer is currently skyrocketing. Her greatest asset, leading to viral popularity whenever she cosplays, is her exceptionally well-trained physique. She is an ultra-professional model capable of sculpting a body that dazzles, having won bodybuilding competitions.

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