Mizutamedori Art Book : Enchanting Garden of Dreams

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The first art book by Mizutamedori, who has 100,000 followers on Twitter and a huge following.

In addition to his original illustrations, the book will also include a wide range of character designs and other copyrighted works that have been published in the past. The book will also include scribble illustrations and other fan-favorite studies that cannot be seen at exhibitions. The book also includes an interview with the author, making of the cover illustration, and other reading material.

Self-selected illustrations 16
Chapter 1: A Dreamlike Event Package Illustration/Character Design
Chapter 2: Light in a Dream 2018~2019
Chapter 3 Dreaming Heart 2014~2017
Chapter 4 Madoromi Analog Works
Making of the cover, explanation of the works, interview, etc.


Release Date:
March, 2020

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An illustrator living in Hokkaido.
He likes the fantasy world, eating, fashion, travel, flora and fauna and history.
His main work is “Fate / Grand Order” conceptual dressing, anime end cards, book covers, cheering illustrations, etc., upd8Vtuber’s “Dera and Hadou”, and the original character of Sapporo Designer Academy. He designs Primary vivi and various other characters.

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