Miraichan’s future – Kotori Kawashima & Wisut Ponnimit

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Thai manga artist Wisut Ponnimit (TAM) draws on the theme of “Miraichan’s future”, which is an inspiration from Kotori Kawashima’s photo book “Miraichan”.

Release Date:
September, 2012

Author profile

Kotori Kawashima

Born in 1980. After graduating from Waseda University Faculty of Letters, Department of French Studies, studied under Motoki Numata.

“Mirai-chan” (2011), which has been shooting Sado girls for a year, has sold 120,000 copies, which is unusual for a photo book, and holds traveling exhibitions in Japan and overseas.

2014 Published “Good night gods” co-authored with Shuntaro Tanikawa.

In 2015, he won the 40th Kimura Ihei Award for “Mojyo,” which has been shooting Taiwanese people for three years.

In parallel with his writer’s activities, he also handles a wide range of advertisements, magazines, music videos, etc.

Kotori Kawashima’s Books

Wisut Ponnimit

Born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1976. Nickname is Tam.

Debuted as a manga artist in Bangkok in 1998 and stayed in Kobe from 2003 to 2006.

In 2009, he won the Encouragement Award in the Manga Division at the Media Arts Festival of the Cultural Agency for “Heathy It Aqua”.

In 2018, the book-making project of “Mamuang-chan”, which was serialized in the magazine “Big Issue Japan Version”, received a lot of support through crowdfunding and won the CAMPFIRE AWARD 2018 Partner Award / Parco Award.

Currently based in Bangkok, he is active in various fields such as animation production and music activities while producing works as a manga artist / artist.

Wisut Ponnimit’s Books

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Kotori Kawashima, Wisut Ponnimit


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