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This book is the first art book that summarizes Mika Pikazo’s past activities. She has worked on a wide range of genres and numerous works, including in-game illustrations for “Fate / Grand Order”, popular light novels, and CD jackets.

This long-awaited volume features four newly drawn illustrations, including the cover, over 250 representative works selected from her personal and commercial works from 2015 to 2019, and an interview with Mika Pikazo.

[Mika Pikazo’s main work]
Starting with the character design of the virtual YouTuber “Kaguya Luna” (990,000 channel subscribers as of August 2019), which was created in 2017.
Art direction for the world’s first VR live “Kaguya Luna LIVE@Zepp VR” held in August 2018, logo design and goods design for Kaguya Luna’s original apparel brand “”Beyond The Moon”” developed in October of the same year, and comprehensive VOCALOID “Hatsune Miku” Magical Mirai 2018, a comprehensive live and exhibition event for VOCALOID “Hatsune Miku,” main visual and costume design, character design for KAGOME projects “Napolitan” and “Mitosousui,” and “Girls Radio Days,” an online radio program project by Dwango x NEXCO Central Japan, and more.

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Release Date:
September, 2019

Author profile

Mika Pikazo

Born in Tokyo in 1993.
After graduating from high school, she became interested in South American video technology, advertising design, and music, and moved to Brazil for about two and a half years.
After that, she returned to Japan and started working as an illustrator.
She handles a wide range of character design drafts, key visuals, book illustrations, and original story planning drafts.
She specializes in vivid color sense and attractive character design, and is active regardless of genre.

Aside from his commercial activities, she continues his coterie activities through the comic market, etc., and is energetically announcing her own projects.

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