Master the Expression! How to Draw Eyes

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This book specializes in how to draw eyes, which are a very important element in human illustration, such as expressing emotions and giving a character’s personality.

The first part of the book theoretically explains the basic structure of the eyes, how to deform them, how to draw angled eyes, and how to capture various types (shapes) of eyes, etc. It also helps improve drawing skills while solving problems that artists tend to have, such as lack of balance, lack of focus, lack of angle, etc. The second part of the seminar will focus on the characteristics of the eyes.
In the second part, the making of an illustrator whose eyes are distinctive and give off a unique personality will be shown. You can learn how to express the eyes attractively from the techniques of professionals.

Making of (in order of publication):Akiakane, Chon*, Konnpeitou, SPIdeR., and Mau Mizuki.

Table of Contents
PART1 Basic knowledge for drawing eyes
01 Know the parts that make up the face and their balance
02 Let’s know the structure of eyes and eyelids
03 Eyelashes are the part that expresses femininity
04 Eyebrows play a supporting role in creating facial expressions
05 Understanding the difference in impression depending on the balance
06 The key to transforming realism into deformation
07 Three elements that can be deformed
08 Various eye shapes
09 How to draw basic eyes (front)
10 How to draw an angled eye
11 Letting the eyes speak
12 How to draw bangs overlapping the eyes
13 How to draw eyeglasses

PART2 Making attractive eyes
Mau Mizuki


Release Date:
January, 2022

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