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Masaru Fujimoto (1968-2015), a manga artist and illustrator.
From the early to the last years of work over 20 years, a collection of the best masterpieces from a variety of works!

Humans who are quietly worried.
Animals that speak and live without hesitation.
A miracle story born from that intersection!

Contents recorded
● “Long and nice room” “Gado-gado of Koguma” “Today is a riddle day” “Dream Migokochi” “I’ve already been to the last train” “Two weeks off” “100% wool” “101% wool” Recording
● Not included in the book “Wolf is coming” “Dr. Badger’s Sleep Institute” “Rereading Recollections” Full-length recording
-Reproduced Kaori Fujino’s short story “Spaghetti Sorrow” in the form of the first appearance (“Bijutsu Techo”) involving Masaru Fujimoto

Release Date:
November, 2020

Author profile

Masaru Fujimoto

Born in 1968 and died in 2015.
manga artist. Illustrator. It depicts the mysterious world of imitated animals. In addition to numerous books such as “Two Weeks Vacation” and “Yume Migokochi”, he was impressed by the design of Hiroshi Homura, Yu Nagashima, Haruki Murakami, Tomihiko Morimi and others.

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Masaru Fujimoto


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