Manga professionals do their best to teach you the basics of “Draw manga sound effects”

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In drawing manga and doujinshi, “Draw manga sound effects” are indispensable to express the emotions and sound effects of the characters. This book covers the key points for drawing such manga sound effects.

Some people are not very good at drawing manga sound effects because it seems simpler than illustrations, but it is more complicated than illustrations.

There are those who do not know how to draw basic manga sound effects, those who can draw to some extent but are not good at drawing different scenes, those who have a limited repertoire of sound effects, and those who are not good at arranging and laying out characters, Let’s master “Draw manga sound effects” from all aspects.


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February, 2023

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Established in 1966. A vocational school for those who aim for a creative industry such as design, advertising, manga, and video operated by Harajuku Gakuen.

The educational goal is to foster creators with excellent design and communication skills from the viewpoint of universal design, and have produced many graduates who are active in various creative scenes.

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