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A 20-card illustration card book featuring 15 illustrations and stories from “Noantic’s Dream Story,” which was serialized for about a year and a half on the PIE COMIC ART website by the popular creator Makura Kurama, plus 5 self-selected illustrations by the author.

For this book, the illustrations from the web serialization have been modified to resemble vintage cards.
The favorite illustrations can be neatly detached from the book, and can be displayed, given as gifts, or simply viewed as a picture book.
Please enjoy the stories of beautiful and mysterious antiques drawn in the same world as the popular book “Mysterious antique shop by makura kurama“.

Size: 6.3 x 4.7” / 160 x 120 mm
Pages: 16 pp. + 20 Cards ( 4C – 26 pp. / 1C – 10 pp. )
Binding: Hardbound

Release Date:
November, 2022

Author profile

Makura Kurama

Up-and-coming creator. Raised in Kansai and lives in Kanto. I live with a human skeleton model in a small room. Not only digital, but also analog painting materials such as oil paintings are used together to create works.

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