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The special feature at the beginning is Shinsuke Yoshitake, a popular picture book writer. As a special Appendix, a clear file with an illustration of Shinsuke Yoshitake printed on it is included.

Yoshitake Shinsuke’s first large-scale exhibition “Maybe Yoshitake Shinsuke Exhibition” is being held at the Setagaya Literary Museum in Tokyo from Saturday, April 9, 2022.

In the magazine MOE, the works and ideas drawn by Yoshitake for the exhibition will be released for the first time. In the long interview, we will deliver valuable stories related to creation, including the latest issue “Kami is so messed up by him” (Hakusensha). This is a special feature of the preserved version, which is full of unknown charms of Mr. Yoshitake.

* All in Japanese.

● Attractiveness of the exhibition 1
Lots of writer’s ideas

● Attractiveness of the exhibition 2
Picture books are born in this way

● Attractiveness of the exhibition 3
Picture book seeds Small sketches

● Attractiveness of the exhibition 4
Picture books translated all over the world

● Attractiveness of the exhibition 5
The precious collection of the atelier is released!

● Latest interview
Shinsuke Yoshitake Past / Present / Future

● New picture book
“Kami is so messed up with him.”

● “Maybe Yoshitake Shinsuke Exhibition” News

■ The long-awaited latest series
Go on a journey to discover “The Secrets of Fantastic Beasts and Dumble Doors”!

■ Spring outing special feature
Moominvalley Park and Tokyo Finland Spot

■ Featured works one after another
Canadian picture book writers
Interview / Sydney Smith, Isabelle Arsenault, Van Brothers

■ Next-generation picture book authors that MOE is paying attention to
Kurahashii, Yosuke Otomo, Ikumi Nakada

■ Exhibition collaboration planning
Kenji Miyazawa’s Jewel Box

■ Kogin-zashi, bamboo work, lacquer, stencil dyeing etc.
Cute, Japanese things

■ Bimonthly serialization 6th
Yuko Higuchi “Daily Cotton”

■ Popular serialization
“Doggy” Noriko Kudo
“100 Japanese picture books, 100 people, 100 books” Yukiko Hiromatsu
“Ito calendar Itogoyomi” Ito Ogawa / sentence Sanae Sugimoto / picture
Artist Interview Honoka Matsumoto
Interview with a noted writer
MOE’s recommended new picture book

Release Date:
April, 2022

Author profile

Shinsuke Yoshitake

Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1973.
He completed the comprehensive modeling course at the Graduate School of Arts, University of Tsukuba.

He has presented a wide range of works such as sketch collections, picture books, book design, and illustration essays that cut out casual everyday scenes from a unique angle.
For his first picture book “Maybe Apple” (Bronze Shinsha) released in 2013, he won the 1st prize at the 6th MOE Picture Book Store Award and the 61st Sankei Children’s Book Culture Award Art Award.

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