[Magazine] Illustration March 2023 – (Special Appendix) Akira Uno Desktop Calendar 2023-2024

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The special feature introduces mainly recent illustrations from the works of Akira Uno(Aquirax Uno), who boasts a career as an illustrator spanning more than 60 years. The special Appendix is the Akira Uno Desktop Calendar 2023-2024,  featuring 12 selections from the works he has drawn to date.

*The calendar runs from April 2023 to March 2024.

The calendar will also include a conversation with book designer Naoko Nakui, who designed Uno’s books “Chronicle” (Graphic, Inc.) and “The World of Fantasy Illustrations” (Pye International), as well as other contributions from related parties. The cover is newly drawn by Uno.

[Other Special Features] Setsuko Tamura
Since her debut in 1958, Setsuko Tamura has been very active as an illustrator and essayist, publishing three books of her own in 2022, and celebrating the 65th anniversary of her career with an exhibition at the Yayoi Art Museum in 2023. In addition to a review of Tamura’s career from his debut to the present, a long interview and photos of his studio will show where Tamura stands today. The “Tamura-san” as seen by Ryoji Arai, Yuki Sasameya, and others is also a must-see.

[Other Special Features] Graphic Designers’ Choice of Binding 2022
In this popular feature that has been running since 2017, six graphic designers select the book bindings they have worked on and the book bindings that impressed them in the year 2022. The designers selected are Seiichi Suzuki, Kumi Suzuki, Daisuke Arai, Shohei Yoshida (White Solid), Mushicago Graphics, and Kaori Nakajima (in no particular order).

[Serials, etc.]
“NFT Art” to be started in the future: the final installment
Serials: Interview with Switch
The Choice: Asuka Wakita’s Review
Books Review
Serials: Higeboya by 100%ORANGE
Serials “Ayako Ishiguro’s Creative Creatures Illustrated Book” by Ayako Ishiguro

*All in Japanese.

Release Date:
January, 2023

Author profile

Aquirax Uno(Akira Uno)

Japanese illustration artist and graphic designer. Characterized by a person depicted with a pen. He worked on Shuji Terayama’s stage and advertising art.

Besides illustrator, he also works as a curator, stage art, and art director.

Aquirax Uno(Akira Uno)’s Books

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