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A thorough explanation of the history of Japanese buildings and townscapes, from the Jomon to the Edo period, from the mansions and temples of aristocrats and warriors to the residences of ordinary people. It is also useful as a reference for period research in novels, illustrations, and other creative works!

This issue features buildings and townscapes from a wide range of periods, purposes, and sizes, from the pit dwellings of the Jomon period to the residences of feudal lords in the Edo period.
The authors include experts involved in period research for historical dramas, animation, and movies, preservation and restoration of historical sites, and leading architectural historians, who provide easy-to-understand explanations with detailed illustrations based on the latest academic theories.

The book explains the history of Japanese architecture and lifestyle from multiple perspectives, from the urban scale such as street widths and building layouts, to the familiar scale such as the detailed construction, dimensions, and terminology of buildings, as well as the clothes of the people who lived in them and the tools of their daily lives.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chronology (Prehistory, Antiquity ~ Modern Times) / Carpenter’s Tools
Chapter 2 Prehistory/Ancient Times
Establishment of Mura (Mura) / Moat Encircling Settlements / Residences of the Great Clans / Ancient Shrine Buildings / Fujiwara-kyo Capital / Asuka Style / Heijo-kyo Capital / Heian Period Temples / Heian-kyo Capital / Shinden-zukuri / Shinden-zukuri Shitsuke / Heian Costumes / Original Form of Machiya
Chapter 3 The Middle Ages
Samurai residences / Kyoto in the Middle Ages / Meeting halls / Zashiki decoration / Souan tea ceremony rooms / Castle town structures / Castle architecture / Great Buddha style and Zen Buddhism style / Medieval shrine architecture
Chapter 4 Early Modern Period
Kyoto in the Edo period/ Edo townscape/ Daimyo yashiki/ Kyoto machiya/ Edo machiya/ a row house in a back alley/ Furniture and tools/ public resort / Local private house


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October, 2019

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