Macoto Takahashi Girl Coloring Book -Japanese Princess

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A collection of gems of princesses from the picture book of Macoto Takahashi, the master of girl painting.

● Kaguya Hime
● Hachikatsuhime
● Orihime and Hikoboshi
● Issunboushi no Ohimesama
● Urashima Taro no Otohimesama
● Tennin no Hagoromo
● Mushimezuruhime
● Clam Hime

Release Date:
October, 2016

Author profile

Macoto Takahashi

Born in Osaka in 1934. In 1957 he made her magazine debut with “Girl”. He has serialized manga works such as “Beyond the Storm” and “Princess Ann”. After that, he provided works for many products such as the covers and frontispieces of shojo manga magazines such as “Nakayoshi” and “Margaret”, as well as pencil cases, notebooks, handkerchiefs, and bicycles.

In 1989, he opened Makoto Gallery (currently closed) in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture. he has held regular solo exhibitions since 1992. In recent years he has held exhibitions all over the country. He continues to expand him field of activity, including developing new collaboration goods.

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