Loose Pose Catalog 3 (After school for friendly high school girls)

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A photo collection of poses for drawing illustrations and comics. The models are the girls band “Takeyama 3.5” who are making a big break with the catchphrase “From Ehime, amazing facial deviation!”

Full of everyday and natural poses such as walking with arms crossed in uniform, hugging from behind, lounging in loungewear, chatting on the sofa.

Please use it as a source of inspiration when you want to draw cute high school girls or friendly girls. Includes two types of poses: “Pose with background” that makes it easy to grasp the image of the situation, and “Simple pose” that cuts out only the pose.

In addition, in the example explanation, the points when drawing a picture are summarized in an easy-to-understand manner.

Loose Pose Catalog Series

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April, 2019

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