LONG SEASON The Art of Josee Shimazaki

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This is the first collection of works by Josee Shimazaki, an illustrator renowned for his bold compositions and striking color palettes.

The book features more than 120 artworks, including book covers and other commercial works, as well as original works that have received a positive response on social networking sites, and works newly drawn for this book. Also included is an essay describing her days with her paintings.


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December, 2022

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Josee Shimazaki

An illustrator and lecturer at Kyoto University of the Arts. Shimazaki is a native of Tokyo. After graduating from Nagoya University of the Arts, Shimazaki worked as a designer and illustrator at a design studio for four years before leaving to become a freelance illustrator. Currently, as a freelance illustrator Shimazaki works mainly on book covers and illustrations for advertisements.

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Josee Shimazaki


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