Logotype! Researching Manga and Anime Logos

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This book studies so-called “logotypes,” the title characters that decorate manga, anime, and novels.

While some logos are written from scratch by designers, many are designed based on commercially available fonts. The creation of a logo is a showcase of a designer’s skill, as he or she must select the appropriate font for the work from a myriad of commercial fonts, arrange the design, and determine the optimal font size, placement, and color scheme.

This book takes 86 titles from popular works and analyzes the logos to show how they are reproduced in actual fonts, while also explaining comparisons by type fonts and weights. It also provides a deeper understanding of the world of fonts and design. It can be used as both a trivia book and a reference for coterie creators. Read this book and you are guaranteed to become a “typeface moe”!

This book is based on the articles in Yuzuya’s coterie magazine “Study of Typefaces” vol. 4-13 and Yuzuya’s official blog, and has been revised and reorganized.

■ Chapter 1: Popular and standard typefaces
■ Chapter 2: Modern design typefaces
■ Chapter 3: Nuance typefaces
■ Chapter 4: Heavy Mincho typefaces
■ Chapter 5 Gothic typefaces
■ Chapter 6 Linear typefaces
■ Chapter 7 Classic design typefaces

[Included works (excerpts)]
Azumanga Daioh / Akaneiro Confiture / Etranger of the Unfolding World / Iinari! The Miracle of Vandal Gallery Street / Rabbit Costume / Dancing Starry Renaissicles / The Case That I Was Abducted to a Ladies’ School as a “Common People Sample” / Ganbare! Don’t disappear! Mr. Usuko Shigoromo-san / Kimi to Boku no Broken World / Kiniro Mosaic / Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie / One of You Has a Younger Sister! /THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE /Giant of the Progress /Magatsukan Tsukihime /The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya /Sand and Iris /Date A Live /”Nanako-san” no gekyoku /Nerewareta Gakuen /Baka to Test to Summon Beast /Shirogano no Salvation Machine /Hinata Fade In! /An Ordinary Schoolgirl Tried Playing [Rokodoru]. /Alice & Shirley of the Floating School / “Bungaku Shoujo” to Hanbun Ghost / Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai / Magical Girl Isuzu-san Full Throttle / Maria Horikku / Case Files of the Victim Ichijo (a pseudonym) / Yotsuba! etc…

Release Date:
January, 2015

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