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This book explains the knowledge and tips about light and color, which are indispensable for drawing attractive illustrations, and the method of digital coloring.

“When I paint it, it always looks the same …”
“I want to draw cool characters and scenes, but I can’t get the power at all …”
It solves such a problem.

【table of contents】
<PART 00 Introduction>
CHAPTER01 Observation, interpretation, reproduction
CHAPTER02 Symbolization of light and color
CHAPTER03 Painters who studied light and color
CHAPTER04 What kind of painting should I do?

<PART 01 What is light and color?>
UNIT01 What is light?
UNIT02 Three primary colors of light and additive color mixing
UNIT03 Until the light is recognized as a color
CHAPTER02 color
UNIT01 What is  color?
UNIT02 Three primary colors and three attributes
CHAPTER03 Precautions when painting digitally

<PART 02 Hikari>
CHAPTER01 Basics of Light and Color
UNIT01 Effect of light on color
UNIT02 Change in the color of an object due to the color of light
Understand with the EXTRA color wheel
UNIT03 Example: Change in color of an object due to light
CHAPTER02 Illuminance
UNIT01 Luminous intensity, illuminance, brightness
UNIT02 Effect of illuminance on color
UNIT03 Illuminance of bright areas and shades
UNIT04 Camera and exposure, brightness
UNIT05 White balance
CHAPTER03 Main light source and indirect light, shadow
UNIT01 What is indirect light?
EXTRA Mastering the real shadow with the expression of shadow
Draw an object in an EXTRA photo
EXTRA Change in light with time
EXTRA Changes in light and color due to weather
EXTRA Comparison of light and color for each environment

<PART 03 Writing>
CHAPTER01 Writing
UNIT01 What is writing?
UNIT02 Lighting and shading

<PART 04 material>
CHAPTER01 Material
UNIT01 texture
UNIT02 Material
UNIT03 Layered

<PART 05 Phenomenon>
CHAPTER01 Phenomenon
UNIT01 Brightness
UNIT02 Rainbow and rainbow colors
UNIT03 Fresnel effect
UNIT04 Surface scattering

<PART 06 color>
CHAPTER01 color
UNIT01 Toning
UNIT02 Three attributes of color and utilization

<PART 07 coloring>
CHAPTER01 Coloring
UNIT01 Typical painting technique
UNIT02 Digital typical coloring technique
EXTRA cel coloring procedure
EXTRA blending practice
EXTRA watercolor coloring procedure
EXTRA glazing: common procedure
EXTRA glazing: Coloring with priority on volume
EXTRA glazing: value-first coloring
EXTRA Rendering Basics

<PART 08 Making>
CHAPTER01 Character coloring: Basic
CHAPTER02 Character Coloring: Light and Material
CHAPTER03 Illustration with background

Release Date:
December, 2021

Author profile

Rino Park

Graduated from Hongik University, Department of Animation.
Webtoon “Ayou High 3” (2015-2016) In charge of drawing.
GDPP Cat Festa Illustration designer.

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