Koji Yokoi SD Art Book : Super Deformed World by Painter

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The book features illustrations carefully selected by Yokoi himself from the popular character series, from its origin, SD Gundam, to the Masked Rider Club, Ultraman Club, and SD Godzilla.
In addition to over 350 color illustrations, numerous line drawings are also included.


Release Date:
January, 2020

Author profile

Koji Yokoi

Born March 12, 1968. An illustrator, character designer, and manga artist from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, who is affectionately known by the nickname Yokoi Gahaku.

When he was a junior high school student, he made his debut as a manga artist by posting a 4-panel manga “MJ Theater” serialized in the same magazine in 1984, when he posted under the pseudonym Toriyama Iku in “Model Information”. After that, he was able to draw an illustration of the display panel for Bandai’s gashapon series, so he participated as a designer for a new deformed project and was put in charge of the design of “SD Gundam”. “SD Gundam” became popular, and characters from various works such as “Kamen Rider”, “Ultraman”, and “Godzilla” were designed as SD characters. In addition, “Gundam” created a huge boom by creating unique SD designs such as “warrior” and “knight”. Even now in Reiwa, he continues to produce “SD Gundam”.

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