Koji Works – The Rondo of Wings

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A collection of works by Koji, an illustrator who specializes in characters from the world of swords and magic, such as elves, fairies, and demons, and whose work includes cover illustrations and illustrations for science fiction fantasy and visuals for RPG games and card games.

The volume opens with a newly drawn story in collaboration with shachi. The book also includes original works, including unpublished works, and illustrations of novels and games, explanations of production techniques, collaboration projects with guests such as Ito Noji and Fuji Choko, and a roundtable discussion with fellow creators.

1. newly drawn original work
2. original works
3. explanation of techniques (watercolor & digital tips)
4. work pictures
5. gallery of collaborative works with 5 artists
6. round-table discussion

Release Date:
December, 2020

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Illustrator. Since the 1990s, he has been active in fields such as fantasy novels, light novels, and game visuals. Mainly with a hand-drawn watercolor style, he worked on cover illustrations, illustrations, and character designs, and had a great influence on later light novels and game visuals.

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