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Overwhelming power of composition and expression. Illustrator Rui Tomono’s first work collection! Rui Tomono’s series “Giga ☆ Momotaro Kitan”, which has been building for 7 years, is now in one volume.

Japan has a retro atmosphere where paranormal phenomena occur that deviate from the laws of the world.
The black-clothed police, organized to get rid of the strange “demons” that occasionally spring up, are working hard to exorcise for the citizens today!

“Oni extermination”, which is drawn with a detailed view of the world, with realistic illustrations that you can feel the noise of the crowd and the smell of the city, opens here!

Release Date:
April, 2023

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Rui Tomono

After graduating from an art university in Kanto, he worked as an illustrator and concept artist. He works on character design and concept art for social games and consumer games, and image boards for animation works.

Participating works include “Souta Sekai” (2017: concept art), “Death Mark” (2017: concept art / mysterious design), “ZERO ESCAPE Time Dilemma” (2016: character design).

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