KING OF POP – Hisashi Eguchi All Works 1977-2015

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Covers almost all of Hisashi Eguchi’s 38 years of “illustration work”. A set of two books. The total number of pages is over 430!

The latest works in 2015 are also recorded from 1977, and the number of published works is about 850.

Furthermore, the biggest difference from the previous art books is the first publication of “manga-related frontispieces, cover paintings, poster paintings, and card paintings.”
From masterpieces such as “Recommendation !! Pirates”, “Paparinko Monogatari”, “Stop !! Hibari-kun!”, “Age”, and “Hinomaru Theater”, you can see a number of precious cuts that you rarely see. ..

Release Date:
September, 2015

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Hisashi Eguchi

Born in 1956. Born in Kumamoto prefecture. Manga artist / illustrator.

In February 1977, he made his debut with “Awesome Children” in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. In September of the same year, he wrote “Weekly Shonen Jump” in “Recommendation! !! Pirates ”serialization started. He makes his full-scale start as a gag cartoonist.
His masterpiece is “Stop! !! He has released many popular works such as “Hibari-kun”, “Age”, and “Hinomaru Theater”.

Started activities as an illustrator in 1983. In 1992, won the 38th Bungeishunju Manga Award at the “Explosion Dinner Show”.

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