Kemono Pose Collection (Super Drawable Series)

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This book has increased the number of beastmen to over 50 species, and a thorough explanation of how to draw poses, races, painting styles, and various variations by professional beastman painters!

Further variations have been added, and how to draw a cute mascot-type deformed beastman full of stuffed animals and a sexy and fluffy female beastman are also introduced.

■ How to use this book
Because it is an introduction by illustrator, you can see the variations of design and style at a glance!
You can find a style that suits you and learn how to draw with commentary from your favorite author.
The drawing process is thoroughly explained in 4 steps: (1) Atari, (2) Filling, (3) Drawing, and (4) Finishing. You can learn from 1 to 10 how to draw beastmen in various poses and angles.

■As a drawing and design guide
A pose drawing and design book that allows you to draw all kinds of “beast people”, from action poses that are useful for fantasy works to casual daily movements.
Slim type, muscular, chubby, thick muzzle, female chemo, mascot, stuffed toy style, comical touch, human face style.
Suits, swimwear, school uniforms, dresses, light armor.
A technique guide that popular beast illustrators with various styles draw and explain in their own way.

Release Date:
December, 2020

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