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Full of ideas and techniques for Kemonomimi (animal ears) character design! Enjoy the Kemomimi world drawn by illustrator syugao.

Cats, dogs, foxes, wolves, rabbits, and even dragons, creatures of the fantasy world.
Introducing character creation that makes use of the characteristics of each type of animal with setting images, it can be used not only for character design but also as a collection of ideas for fashion and color schemes.

Similar to the previous work “How to Draw Chemomimi“, it is full of useful bean knowledge and small stories.

● Chapter 1 Basics of Kemonomimi Characters
What is Kemonomimi?
How to attach animal ears
How to attach a tail
Character design with silhouette in mind
Character design tips

● Chapter 2 Kemonomimi character design
・ cat
Main Kuhn / Scottish Fold / Abyssinian / Munchkin / American Shorthair / Bombay / Egyptian Mau / Sham / Himalayan / Russian Blue / Persian / Exotic Shorthair / Japanese Bobtail / Black Leopard / Yuki Leopard / Lion / Oyamaneko / Tiger / Snail Cat / Manul Cat
・ Dog
Daxfund / Border Collie / Bolzoy / Poodle (Toy Poodle) / German Shepherd Dog / Dobelman / Shiba Dog / Golden Retriever / Japanese Spitz / Siberian Husky / St. Bernard / Pomeranian / Chiwawa / Welsh Corgi Pembroke / Tanuki
・ Fox
Red fox / Ging fox / Fennec fox / Arctic fox / Corsac fox
・ Wolf
Japanese wolf / Arctic wolf / Japanese wolf
・ Rabbit
Himalayan / Netherlands Dwarf / English Angora / Japanese White / Lop Year / Lion Head
・ Ungulates
Sheep / reindeer / sika deer / wild boar / cow / horse / donkey / goat
・ birds
Rockhopper Penguin / Emperor Penguin / Crow / Swan / Secretarybird
・ Other animals
Degu / Mouse / Roborovski Hamster / Cimaris / Weasel / Ferret / Otter / Hokkyokuma / Giant Panda / Raccoon / Hedgehog / Rhesus monkey (red-haired monkey) / Rabbit bat / Nishiki snake
・ Fantastic creatures
Dragon (Fire Dragon) / Sea Serpent (Sea Dragon) / Wyvern (Pterosaur) / Angel / Devil

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March, 2019

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An illustrator who likes animal ears.
The main activity history is “Virtual YouTuber Tanaka Hime & Suzuki Hina”, “Virtual Girls Unit KMNZ Rita & Liz” character design, “Z / X-Zillions of enemy X (Broccoli Co., Ltd.)” card illustration, “Hatsune Miku 10th” Anniversary collaboration store in Atre Akihabara ”In addition to the main visual illustrations, illustrations of light novels, illustrations of social games, etc.

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