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Katsuya Terada easily crosses the boundaries of genres and even borders by “drawing”.
Katsuya Terada, a professional who is fascinated by professionals, has realized an original project that freely reveals the style of his work!

Fully adhered from early 2019 to winter 2020.
In addition to introducing the latest works abundantly, I tried to approach the creation and thinking of Katsuya Terada from both inside and outside, including interviews with gallerists.

■ Overview
● Katsuya Terada draws
Artwork centered on the latest work

● Katsuya Terada, fascinating-tracking all 500-day solo exhibitions here!-
Introducing the all exhibition that took place during the 500 days.
While mixing the exhibition scenery and the images of the exhibited works.
Conducted a short interview with each gallery owner.

・ March-April 2019
Trance Pop Gallery @ Kyoto
Unique “Grandfather Terada”

・ April-May 2019
Void @ Asagaya, Tokyo
Overwhelming 100 works “Rakuga King Tokyo”

・ December 2019 – January 2020
GR2 Gallery @ Los Angeles
“Dragon Girl” that crosses many boundaries between Japan and the United States, art and manga

・ February 2020
Mograg Gallery @ Okachimachi, Tokyo
Macro x micro interlaced world “Hakariuri Katsuya Terada line drawing”

・ May 2020 – June / September
Gallery House MAYA @ Online / Aoyama, Tokyo
What can you do with electricity and life? “Pencil 2-Monster and Boy”

・ November-December 2020
Space caiman @ Nihonbashi, Tokyo
Searching for the shape that can be done now “Tera Katsu Show at Caiman”

● Katsuya Terada, answer – of the students Q & A –
The class at Kuwasawa Design School is reproduced in the magazine.
What is Professor Terada’s answer to the pure questions from the students?

・ Katsuya Terada’s 500-day chronology
A long interview that looks back on Coco 500 days and thinks about his next 500 days.

● Katsuya Terada talks-exclusive long interview-
Look at the activities and thoughts of Coco 500 days

Release Date:
January, 2021

Author profile

Katsuya Terada

An illustrator and manga artist from Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture. Known as Rakuga King. Character design is done in many fields from games and animation to live-action movies, and also participates in overseas works.

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