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A 272-page ultra-volume and all-color print collection of famous aircraft scenes drawn by Kaoru Shintani, the master of aviation warfare manga.

From hits such as “Area 88” and “Phantom Burai” (original / Sho Fumimura) to works set in World War II such as “Battlefield Roman Series” and “RAISE”, Kaoru Shintani drew. A large collection of military aircraft from all over the world!

Kaoru Shintani challenges the world of air racing in “Age the Hinomaru”, where you can enjoy the thrilling aerial tactics on the big screen.

Release Date:
July, 2023

Author profile

Kaoru Shintani

Born in 1951, from Osaka Prefecture.
He has been interested in girls’ manga since high school and moved to Tokyo after graduating from high school.
In 1972, he was selected for an honorable mention at the Ribbon Manga Award, and in 1973, he made his debut in the special issue of “Ribon” in April.
In February of the same year, he married Kayono Saeki, a manga artist, and joined Leiji Matsumoto’s Reijisha in March.
After working as an assistant for about three and a half years, he became independent in 1977 and made his full-fledged debut by serializing the “Battlefield Roman Series” in “Monthly Play Comic”.
In the same year, “Phantom Burai” (original work by Sho Fumimura) published in “Special Edition Shonen Sunday” became a hit, attracting a lot of attention.

Since then, it has won the support of many fans with a story woven by precise mechanical descriptions and charming characters.

In 1985, he won the 30th Shogakukan Manga Award for Area 88 and Futaritaka.

In addition to aviation manga and car action manga, works with female protagonists such as “Cleopatra D.C.” and “Desert Rose” are also enthusiastic among fans.

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