Increase the Drawer of Character Illustrations : Pose and Facial Expression Technique by Carimarica

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How to draw “poses and facial expressions” that you can learn and practice theoretically without relying on your senses and senses, using a collection of many examples of poses and facial expressions.

In this book,
(1) Clarify character image
(2) Create a pose that matches the character
(3) Make facial expressions that match the character
The three steps are then followed to draw a character.
In particular, in the “(2) Make a pose” and “(3) Make a facial expression” step, we introduce a lot of poses and facial expressions, and what kind of impression they make, and what kind of character you draw. It is explained in detail whether it is effective if you choose it.

【table of contents】
● Chapter 1 Basic knowledge of character illustrations
・What is an attractive character illustration?
・ Basic knowledge for drawing people, etc.
●Chapter 2 Grasp the characteristics of the characters
・Know the image of the character you want to draw
・ Character example Genki
・ Character example cool, etc.
●Chapter 3 Conveying the character through “directing poses”
・Let’s make a pose that fits the character
・ How to make a pose PART (1) [action]
・How to make a pose PART (2) [character]
・Direction of poses Gender image (masculine ⇔ feminine), etc.
●Chapter 4 Conveying character through “directing facial expressions”
・Let’s draw different facial expressions freely
・ How to make facial expressions PART (1) [Eyebrows and mouth]
・ How to make facial expressions PART (2) [Eyes]
・Facial expressions Satisfaction, etc.
●Chapter 5 cover illustration making

Release Date:
July, 2022

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Illustrator. Based on his own experience, she explains “how to draw an illustration” in an easy-to-understand manner with his own theory. She mainly posts illustration courses on pixiv, and the total number of page views for lecture-related posts has reached about 3 million PV.

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