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In this book, the author Honami Enya, a banto (bathhouse keeper) and former designer, uses architectural drawing methods (isometric) to create precise bird’s-eye views of the interior of sento buildings.

The book includes color illustrations of 24 sento (public bathhouses) mainly in Tokyo, including “The King of Open-air Baths,” “The New Wave of Sento Architecture,” and “Sento to Cry,” as well as essays on the sights and sounds of these bathhouses.

Sento featured in this book
00 Kosugi Yu (Koenji, Tokyo) …… home-sento
01 Daikokuyu (Kitasenju, Tokyo) …… original view of a public bathhouse
02 Ume-no-yu (Arakawa, Tokyo) …… Public bathhouse where I take my girlfriends
03 Saito Yu (Nippori, Tokyo)…… Straightforward and serious public bathhouse
04 Haginoyu (Uguisudani, Tokyo) …… theme park of public bathhouses
05 Togoshiginza Onsen (Togoshiginza, Tokyo)…… A public bath where the food tastes good
06 Daikokuyu (Oshiage, Tokyo) …… King of open-air baths
07 Kirakuyu (Kawaguchi, Saitama) …… old and new public bathhouse
08 Okurayu (Machida, Tokyo) …… Masterpiece of modern sento architecture
09 Hisamatsuyu (Nerima, Tokyo) …… New wave of public bathhouse architecture
10 Sakura-kan (Kamata, Tokyo)…… Sento to visit in spring
11 Yudonburi Sakaeyu (Nihonzutsumi, Tokyo) …… Luxurious public bathhouse
12 Yoshinoyu (Narita Higashi, Tokyo) …… public bathhouse that makes you want to take a field trip
13 Umeyu, a sauna (Kyoto) …… A public bathhouse immersed in Kyoto
14 Ichinoyu (Iga, Mie) …… public bathhouse that maniacs are burning for
15 Yakushi Yu (Sumida-ku, Tokyo) …… bath entertainment
16 Kamata Onsen (Kamata, Tokyo)…… Sento (public bathhouse) to taste the Showa era
17 Sakaiminami Bathhouse (Musashisakai, Tokyo)…… Sento to cry in
18 Daikokuyu (Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo) …… Another World in Yoyogi Uehara
19 Qua Palace Narashino (Narashino, Chiba) …… Eden of the public bath world
20 Hirata Onsen (Nagoya) …… public bathhouse to soak in affection
21 Showa-Yu (Tokushima) …… a public bathhouse that makes you want to go see them
22 Kinshunyu (Osaki, Tokyo)…… A public bathhouse like a family home
23 Kotobukiyu (Higashi Ueno, Tokyo) …… Illustration of a first public bathhouse

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February, 2019

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Honami Enya

Born in Tokyo in 1990. After graduating from Waseda University Graduate School (major in architecture) in 2015, worked for a design office in Tokyo. From the end of 2016, she announced on SNS the “Sento Illustrated” series, which depicts the inside of a sento building with a bird’s-eye view. Currently, while working as a public bath in Koenji, Kosugiyu, she is also active as an illustrator. “Hundred Years Sento” is being serialized in “Travel Notebook” (Kotsu Shimbunsha).

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