ILLUSTRATION MASTER CLASS by Josee Shimazaki – A book to help you draw the pictures you want to draw

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In this book, illustrators who seem to draw with pure talent reveal their continuous process of trial and error and their results. It explains how to think about and utilize the three elements of light and dark, composition, and color scheme at different stages of drawing.

Examples of what you can learn from this book:
– How to envision the finished form from the rough stage without getting stuck
– How to decide on a simple composition that conveys what you want to express
– How to think about color schemes that work even without relying on a sense of style
– How to apply the knowledge of art you’ve learned in practice

Recommended for:
– People who want to learn not just how to draw but how to think about drawing
– People who worry they don’t have the talent for drawing
– People who have the knowledge but don’t know how to apply it in their art

Table of Contents:
PART 1 Thinking about Light and Dark to Imagine the Final Form
Good art is recognizable even in monochrome / The necessity of rough sketches / Clarity of the art in thumbnail size / Let’s look at the actual production

PART 2 A Simple Approach to Composition
Thinking about basic composition / Considering perspective / Thinking about guiding the viewer’s gaze / Looking at actual composition intentions

PART 3 A Way of Thinking About Color Schemes That Won’t Get You Lost
Let’s think about colors / Analyzing colors / Combining colors and theme colors / About light and shadow / Let’s look at the actual intentions behind color schemes

PART 4 Let’s Draw with a Simple Approach
Cover Making

Release Date:
March, 2024

Author profile

Josee Shimazaki

An illustrator and lecturer at Kyoto University of the Arts. Shimazaki is a native of Tokyo. After graduating from Nagoya University of the Arts, Shimazaki worked as a designer and illustrator at a design studio for four years before leaving to become a freelance illustrator. Currently, as a freelance illustrator Shimazaki works mainly on book covers and illustrations for advertisements.

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