[Magazine] Illustration June 2021 – Feature1 : Heisuke Kitazawa – Feature2 : Printmakers artists

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[Personal feature] Heisuke Kitazawa
A 30-page feature of illustrator Heisuke Kitazawa, who works on the visuals of the Western confectionery brands “Français” and “Caramel Ghost House”, as well as over 100 books.

Mr. Kitazawa’s past activities will be divided into items such as “binding,” “advertising,” and “picture books,” and will be taken up from a bird’s-eye view.
The cover is drawn by Mr. Kitazawa.

[Special feature] Five printmakers artists
In recent years, digital production has become commonplace, but on the other hand, printmaking, which is a laborious technique, is also becoming more popular. In this special feature, we will pick up and interview five printmakers who use various techniques.

The five artists appearing are Chiaki Sakamoto (paper prints), Yoshino (lithograph), Saori Kuwahara (paper prints), Hana Rakui (Linocut), and Hana Hotate (woodblock prints).

Release Date:
April, 2021

Author profile

Heisuke Kitazawa

Illustrator. He lives in Tokyo.

He holds a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts / Illustration) from California State University, Fullerton and a MA (Master of Arts / Illustration) from the same graduate school.

He lived in the United States for 16 years, and after returning to Japan, he started working as an illustrator. He works on illustrations in a wide range of fields both domestically and internationally, including book design and advertising, CD jackets and product packaging.

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