How to Paint Characters New Edition (Super Drawing Series)

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This is a revised edition of the popular illustrator kyachi’s previous book “How to Color Characters,” which explains coloring & layering techniques for digitally coloring human characters as imagined.

The book includes newly illustrated works painted in four different ways: “Animation Painting,” “Texture Painting,” “Thick Painting,” and “Layer Mask Painting.
The making of these works is explained in detail, from brush settings to completion. The software used is Photoshop and CLIP STUDIOPAINT PRO.
The book also includes basic knowledge about color, the difference in appearance between tones and color schemes, the psychological effects of color, light and shadow, skin tone and hair color, and the concept of materiality of clothing, all of which are important to know in order to create the character’s personality.


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March, 2021

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Graduated from the Department of Design at Joshibi University of Art and Design. She has been writing illustrations for social games and books since she was in school. She currently freelances.
On pixiv, the content she created herself, “It seems like it’s convenient to use contrapposto when drawing moving poses, and the center of gravity,” has been bookmarked by more than 150,000 people.

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