How to draw the background – from basics to practice

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Complete explanation from basic knowledge for drawing background to know-how, coping method, making!

● Three luxury benefits
・ Brush actually used in making
・ Making video
・ PSD file with all layers

● Introducing from basic knowledge to professional skills and certain problems in detail and carefully
・ How to draw a line
・ Points to make it look good
・ How to capture light, shadow, and color
・ The shortest trick to make you look beautiful and how to capture the silhouette
・ Points of bird’s-eye view perspective
・ How to draw texture
・ Composition and layout that complements the picture
・ What to do when you can’t think of what to draw
・ What to do when you can’t draw well
・ A solution that makes you depressed when you see someone who is good at painting

● Detailed explanation of how to draw the things you want to draw in the background
Sky, clouds, trees, flowers, rocks, ground, night sky, stars, lakes, forests, rain, cherry blossoms, rivers, cars, houses, desks and chairs, accessories, dusk, ruins, rubble, metal decoration, cobblestones, fountains, mecha , Castle, sea … etc

Chapter 1 13 Techniques That Condense the Basics
・ What is the background?
・ Relationship between lines and colors
・ How to draw a line
・ Points when drawing with paint
・ Importance of silhouette
・ How to draw a solid
・ Tips on how to draw a space
・ Basics of Perth
・ Basic knowledge of color
・ Points of light and shadow
・ Basics of composition and placement
・ Ideas for drawing
・ Practice method to improve the picture

Chapter 2 Meadow with the open sky
・ How to get the depth of natural objects
・ How to draw the sky
・ About the reflection of the sky
・ How to draw clouds
・ How to draw a tree
・ How to draw flowers
・ How to draw a rock
・ How to draw the ground

Chapter 3 Forest looking up at the starry sky
・ How to draw the night sky
・ How to draw a star
・ How to draw clouds at night
・ How to draw a lake
・ How to draw a forest

Chapter 4 City in the cherry blossoms
・ How to draw rain
・ How to draw cherry blossoms
・ How to draw a river
・ How to draw a car
・ How to draw a house

Chapter 5 Room in the dusk
・ How to get the depth
・ About scale and dimensions
・ How to draw desks and chairs
・ How to draw small items
・ How to create a rhythm by layering silhouettes
・ How to draw dusk
・ Causes of depression when seeing a good person

Chapter 6 Garden Ruins
・ How to draw the ruins
・ How to draw rubble
・ Tips for adding details using photos
・ How to draw metal decoration
・ How to draw stone pavement
・ How to draw a fountain
・ Causes of characters floating in the background

Chapter 7 Mechanical soldiers guarding the castle
・ Create an image in your head before drawing
・ How to draw highlights
・ How to design something that does not exist in reality
・ How to draw a mecha
・ How to draw a castle
・ How to draw the sea
・ Finishing technique
・ What to do when you can’t think of what to draw

Chapter 8 City with Dragons
・ Points of bird’s-eye view perspective
・ Frequently used writing methods
・ How to draw a flock
・ How to draw details and texture
・ How to control the screen density
・ Solution when it is difficult to work

* All texts are in Japanese.

Release Date:
May, 2020

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Makoto Shinkai

Japanese animator, filmmaker and manga artist best known for directing Your Name, the third highest-grossing anime film of all time and 2019’s Weathering With You, among other works such as The Garden of Words, Children Who Chase Lost Voices and 5 Centimeters per Second. He was listed by Variety as one of 10 animators to watch in 2016.

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