How to Draw Textures for Illustration by Akira Egawa

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This book is by popular illustrator Akira Egawa, who not only draws illustrations but also unravels the reasons behind their “textures”.

It provides a deep and detailed explanation from the basics to advanced techniques that you can use immediately.

What comes to mind when you think of the “texture” in illustrations? You may think of roughness, glittering light, or expressions of shadow and light. Texture is an indispensable skill when drawing illustrations. The expression of texture can completely change the persuasive power and information content of a work.

[Table of Contents]
Chapter 1: Lighting
– Basics of Lighting
– Highlights, Shades & Shadows
– Reflected Light
– Ambient Occlusion
– Reflections from the Environment
Chapter 2: Texture
– Elements that Form Texture
– Base Color
– Texture
– Reflectivity
– Roughness
– Transparency
Chapter 3: Drawing Techniques
– Differentiating Brushes
– Changing Opacity
– Varying Tools
– Forming Shapes Through Touch and Flow
– Considering Shape and Flow
Chapter 4: Materials
– Iron, Gold, Metal, Glass Beads, Transparent Gems, Opaque Gems, Cut Gems (Diamonds), Raw Stones (Crystals)
– Cotton Fabric, Satin Fabric, Velvet Fabric, Leather Fabric, Enamel Fabric, Transparent Fabric
– Rubber, Plastic, Wooden Boards, Grass, Paper, Rock, Moss-covered Rock, Concrete
– Fluffy Fur, Water Drops, Skin & Hands

◆5 Major Bonuses◆
Original Brushes, Practice Line Art, Practice Textures, Work Videos, Extra PDF Edition

Release Date:
November, 2022

Author profile

Akira Egawa

After graduating from the AMG character design department, he worked at a consumer game company as a 2D designer and 3D modeler, and currently works as a freelance illustrator while balancing illustration and 3D work, winning prizes at art exhibitions, hosting exhibitions, and doujinshi. He is actively involved in activities such as participating in events.

He has created illustrations for the game “Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz” (Colopl Co., Ltd.), is an official Pokemon card illustrator (Nintendo Co., Ltd./Creatures Co., Ltd./Game Freak Co., Ltd.), and many others.

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