How to Draw Sparkling Eyes (Super Drawable Series)

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“Eyes” that bring out the character’s charm to the fullest. This book introduces at once how to draw eyes that attract and keep the viewer’s gaze.

Even though it is drawn on a flat surface, it has a transparency that draws you in, a glow that makes you feel like a light is on, a three-dimensional effect that makes you feel like you are actually there, and a luster that makes you want to touch it. “Why” can you say such an expression? This book will post in detail the multiple processes that cannot be drawn out simply by painting. The commentary is by a talented professional illustrator with a variety of styles. A wide range of eyes are introduced, from cute eyes that are round like candy to cool eyes that are long.

[Participating illustrator] ohisashiburi / Usamochi. /Ririnosuke/Sageo/Suzu Chitosezaka/Wamo/Toru Hazuki and many others

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July, 2020

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