How to Draw “Light and Shadow” in Digital Illustrations

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From the basics of light and shadow in illustrations to the know-how of modern lighting using CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO/EX, this encyclopedia-style book explains it all.

You will gain the entire set of techniques for creating convincing pictures with well-expressed shadows and highlights. The book features guest original illustrations by Kurumitsu, Shinonome Haru, and Nita Taka.

● Get the complete set of techniques for creating pictures with well-expressed light and shadow
– Quickly explains the basics of how to think about light and shadow in illustrations
– Understand the types and properties of light you want to know for illustration expressions, such as indirect light, ambient light, and the intensity of light
– Learn how to grasp shadows and highlights while understanding the difference between shade (shadow) and shadow
– Understand through examples how to achieve the desired light and shadow by painting in certain steps using CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO/EX
– Includes brush and CLIP file download benefits. You will receive the “example CLIP files” that show various examples of lighting, and the “Zounose’s color painting brush” used in this book

Chapter 1 Basics of Light and Shadow
Chapter 2 Light
Chapter 3 Shadows and Highlights
Chapter 4 Lighting

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March, 2024

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Completed a master’s course in Japanese Painting at Tama Art University. After working in art design at a game company, now active as a freelancer. Involved in a wide range of activities including game production, anime production, and illustrations for cards and books. Also working as a part-time instructor at a specialized school for illustration. Main works include illustrations for the game “Pokémon Masters EX,” “Shadowverse,” “Pokémon UNITE” (design), “Fate/Grand Order” (background illustrations), the anime “Pac-World” (background design), card illustrations for “Magic: The Gathering,” and illustrations for supplies of the “Pokémon Trading Card Game” among others.

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