How to draw kimono / yukata / Ninja / junihitoe etc

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From Heian costumes to modern kimonos. This is a book that explains the basics of how to draw Japanese clothes. Kimono / Yukata / Kariginu / Suikan / Junihitoe / Shrine maiden / Samurai Sokutai / Bunka Sokutai / Prostitute / Ninja / Shinsengumi etc.

Starting with an explanation of the structure of clothes, as well as the movement of wrinkles and cloth when moving, a list of how to tighten the obi (taiko knot, paperback knot, standing arrow knot, shell mouth, karuta knot, etc.)

・ Introduction of types of hakama (thimble, cut hakama, flat hakama, etc.) How to wear
・ Names of small parts such as eboshi, crowns, and hairpins
・ How to tighten the loincloth
・ Types of footwear

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June, 2015

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