How to draw “hair” taught by Paryi

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A book that explains how character designer Paryi, who has a reputation for drawing hair, thinks and draws.

You can understand how to draw Paryi from the basics to applications of hair and how to think about it!

・Plenty of basics for drawing hair Starting with how to draw a face to make the most of the charm of hair, there are a lot of basics you should know, such as the structure and how to capture hair, three-dimensionality, weight, bundling, and how to express the ends of your hair.

・Knowledge of designing hairstyles, from the way of tying and weaving, how to express hair such as softness, pats and waves, and items that can be combined with hair such as hairpins, hair ties, headbands, etc. Design attractive hairstyles for characters.

Plenty of production and composition ideas A variety of illustrations will be introduced, including how to make use of hair to produce softness and sex appeal, and knowledge of composition and eye guidance that makes the most of hair. I will also explain the basics of how to paint using CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

● There is also a download privilege!
・ Layered image data of the cover illustration You can download the layered image data of the cover illustration that is full of attractive hair. You can carefully observe the fine touch.

・Cover illustration making video
It is a making video that summarizes the process of over 10 hours in fast forward. You can see the flow of cover illustration drawing!

・Brush useful for hair painting
We will distribute 5 types of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO/EX brushes that are easy to use for hair painting, which will be explained in Chapter 5.

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July, 2021

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character designer.
She is involved in character design in various genres.
There are many original character illustrations on Twitter that exceed 10,000 RTs. She specializes in GIF illustrations using Live2D.

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