How to draw girls – You can see the whole process by hair, parts and angles by Lee hyunmi

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This book provides a detailed guide on how to draw fashionable girls, differentiating it from the typical anime or manga characters.

It covers everything from basic knowledge needed for character drawing to sketching techniques, key points for drawing from different angles, and coloring methods for individual facial parts like the nose, eyes, and mouth. Popular Korean illustrator Lee hyunmi provides a thorough explanation.

Additionally, the book features an in-depth look at the making of 20 pieces that depict stylish girls. While it primarily focuses on techniques using colored pencils, the know-how is also applicable to digital illustrations. Enjoy looking at trendy illustrations of girls while you practice.

**Table of Contents**
Part 1: Fundamentals of Drawing
1. Materials Needed
2. Basic Expression Techniques

Part 2: Structure of the Face
1. Proportions of the Face
2. Eye Shapes
3. Nose Shapes
4. Lip Shapes
5. Hair Structure

Part 3: Sketching by Pose
– Front-facing / Diagonal / Sideways

Part 4: Coloring Each Part
– Skin / Eyes / Nose / Lips / Hair

Part 5: 20 Stylish Girl Illustrations

Release Date:
September, 2022

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Lee hyunmi

Korean illustrator. She works on illustrations, advertisements, and package illustrations. She has written many popular books including fashion illustrations and girls illustration books.

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