How to draw “favorite” character illustrations

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A professional artist who has gained 70,000 followers in one year completely explains how to draw character illustrations that stand out on SNS!

You can learn what kind of illustrations viewers are looking for, what kind of composition is more likely to resonate with them, and tips on how to draw character illustrations.

In addition to the basics such as how to draw parts, how to maintain body balance, and how to draw mini characters, it also includes information on how to draw secondary creation illustrations, explanations on the making of illustrations using CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and a gallery of works including newly drawn illustrations. doing.

■Table of contents
Chapter.01 Preparing art supplies and applications, how to choose tools, how to create data to post on SNS

How to draw characters: Basics, how to balance the whole body, how to draw parts, mini character illustrations

How to draw characters: Advanced edition/What are illustrations suitable for SNS?
・Become a highly recommended artist!

Draw a derivative illustration/Let’s draw a derivative illustration!
・Draw a character/Practice analyzing character design!
・Drawing impression illustrations ・Drawing imaginary illustrations and manga
・Things to keep in mind when drawing secondary creation illustrations

Character illustration making, overall production process, and before starting production (CLIP STUDIO PAINT function explanation)
・Draw a rough sketch
・Draw a sketch
・Ink in
・Shadow casting
・POINT Character color scheme/finish

Release Date:
September, 2023

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Rika Kamiyoshi

Manga artist/illustrator/Live2D designer. She mainly works on comicalization projects, manga projects, illustrations, and many Live2D projects. She has experience teaching manga and Live2D lectures at vocational schools and universities as a part-time lecturer. She is in charge of the character design for Nijisanji’s Masaru Suzuki.

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