How to Draw Fashionable Clothing: From casual wear to school uniforms

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This book is a book that thoroughly explains how to draw fashionable clothes from casual wear to school uniforms.

Tops such as cut-and-sews and blouses, bottoms such as pants and skirts, and outerwear such as jackets and coats are carefully explained.

In this book, They give advice on how to capture silhouettes and how to draw wrinkles based on photographs of actual models. If you look at a photo and draw it as it is, it’s hard to express the charm of an illustration. They will teach you how to identify the flow of important wrinkles in clothes, extract the lines necessary for illustrations, and draw them simply.

Explains not only casual wear, but also how to draw small items such as school uniforms, glasses, and caps. This is the perfect book for you who want to draw stylish and cool character illustrations!

Release Date:
April, 2023

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