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An illustration making and technique guide where professional painters can learn various techniques by reproducing the effects and finishes that improve the quality of illustrations.

In order to eliminate the dissatisfaction of illustration making, such as how to apply effects, how to select tools, RGB values ​​at the time of coloring, we will thoroughly explain the techniques and tools used that are important for improving the quality of illustrations.
Describes detailed settings such as tools used, layer composition, layer settings, brushes used, and RGB values ​​when coloring.

■ Chapter 1: Finishing effect Introducing techniques to improve the quality of illustrations, such as “glow effect” and “color tone correction”.
■ Chapter 2: How to draw effects for each situation
Illustration making drawn with 6 themes of “light”, “fire”, “water”, “snow”, “wind”, and “thunder” is posted.
We will intensively explain the effects and finishes when drawing a single picture!
■ Chapter 3: Painting Techniques
Explains the expression techniques such as “jewels” and “metals” that require tips to express the texture.

Four illustrators who are active in the professional field will use CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO to explain in detail and carefully.
With this one book, you can understand in detail the professional work tools such as brushes used that are difficult to know, and the drawing procedure that is clear from the layer composition.
By thoroughly learning professional painting, your illustrations will be dramatically improved.

[Posted illustrator]
akisa, Teru Teru Houshi, Kiriko Yanagiha, Mitsune Tamaki

3 gorgeous download benefits! Limited illustration data is available!
Only the purchaser of this book can get the illustration data that can be used in CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO!
■ Completed illustrations by layer
Clip file of “” Layers separated “” of making illustration
■ Custom brush data
A custom brush used by professional painters to create the illustrations
■ Custom color set
A color set that summarizes the color scheme data used in each illustration

Release Date:
February, 2021

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