How to Draw Charming Knee Shots of Female Characters

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Knee shots, which focus on the character from the thighs up, are ideal for showcasing characters. Mastering angles like low and high perspectives can greatly enhance the appeal of illustrations.

PROLOGUE – What is a Knee Shot?
Includes three items: typical knee shot expressions and drawing with three basic angles.

LESSON 1 – How to Draw Knee Shots:
This section covers ten items, including setting a theme, drawing procedures, considering frames for proper body proportion, and differentiating body proportions.

LESSON 2 – Standard, Low, and High Angles:
Discusses low and high angles, including a comparison of these compositions with standard angles, covering three items.

LESSON 3 – Cute Everyday Poses:
Four items are covered, including tips for appealing cute poses, showing movement, and using low and high angles.

LESSON 4 – Cute Poses:
Focuses on two items, body twists and gravure poses.

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December, 2023

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