How to Draw an Attractive “Body” – Produce the best illustrations!

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Learn how to draw characters’ bodies with this one book! It explains the basic knowledge related to the character’s body, including its structure and how to draw each part.

Even those who struggle with drawing bodies can start from scratch and learn thoroughly.

This book is recommended for those who have concerns like:
– “I don’t understand the structure of the body.”
– “The balance of the whole body seems off.”
– “I can’t draw hands well.”

You can focus on and improve your weak points, as each body part is covered separately, steadily leveling up your illustration skills. Additionally, as a download bonus, there’s a “360° Compatible Rough Sketch Data” for practicing body sketches. You can even practice difficult body angles thoroughly.

【Contents of the book】
Chapter 1: Body Balance
Chapter 2: Face
Chapter 3: Torso
Chapter 4: Hands/Arms
Chapter 5: Legs/Feet
Chapter 6: Dressing the Body

Release Date:
February, 2023

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