How to Draw a Beautiful European Dress

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This book is an unprecedented collection of illustrated materials that allows readers to enjoy learning about the history of European noblewomen’s dresses and their changes from the late Middle Ages to the early 20th century (1400~1930) through a wealth of illustrations.

Not only is it a full-fledged history of clothing, with four chapters for each period showing the basics and following the changes and variations, but it also offers many ideas for free and creative dress arrangements based on the fundamentals of historical dress.

In addition, the book also includes explanations on how to draw essential dress motifs such as ruffles and lace, useful silhouettes and their images, and a list of variations in the shapes of parts such as collars and sleeves that provide design hints, all of which are useful for creative work.

By learning about the beautiful dresses of past generations, you will surely find inspiration for creating new dresses.

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January, 2017

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Azuki Hanazono

manga artist.

She has loved dresses since he was a child, and her has always admired dresses, so she became interested in the history of fashion. She produces dojinshi, including the dress information magazine “lady’s Wardrobe”, and explores ways to utilize the history and changes of dresses in the design of creative dresses.

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Azuki Hanazono


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